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Oregon Coast Culinary Institute Camps - 2019 Dates Will be Announced Soon!


Instructor’s Seminar/Camp

An intensive culinary camp which gives high school instructors the opportunity to work alongside our chefs and learn culinary teaching skills to take back to their classrooms.

This year the camp will allow for 25 incoming instructors and is scheduled for the middle of the summer so as to attract high school instructors that either have late graduations or early start dates. There is no fee and includes meal and housing.

There are two camps - #1 - FULL

Call for availability - Del - 541-888-7195



High School Student Culinary Camp

Scheduled during the same time as the instructor’s camp but under the direction of different chefs and residing in supervised dorms. This is an opportunity for the student considering a career in the culinary arts to be immersed in a program de-signed to expose and broaden the young students culinary mind.

The cost of the student camp is $450. Should the student choose OCCI for their education, the $450 will be waived from the price of tuition.

 Questions? Please call Del Clark - 541-888-7195

ATTN: Del Clark

Oregon Coast Culinary Institute
1988 Newmark Avenue
Coos Bay, Oregon 97420
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For more information call Del at 541.888.7195 or Shawn Marie 541.888.7309 



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