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OCCI's Baking & Culinary Arts Externships

student externWhile students spend many hours in the teaching kitchens mastering their culinary, pastry and baking skills, having practical experience in the culinary industry helps make you more marketable when you start your professional culinary career.

The OCCI faculty work closely with each student that has completed his or her course work to refer them to appropriate job opportunities. The extensive professional network of our chef instructors help our students to secure outstanding jobs upon graduation.

Throughout the OCCI program, students are constantly taught the expectations of the culinary industry and how to be culinary professionals. They are held to a high standard of attendance, conduct, safety, cleanliness and professional appearance. These skills and knowledge are crucial when students interview for jobs and help OCCI students stand out from the competition.

Our students have secured envious jobs in world renowned resorts such as Mar-A-Largo, (Palm Beach, FL), Sheraton Resort, (Maui, HI) Bandon Dunes Resort, (OR), and other exotic locations.

Starting Paperwork:

Before you start your job, you need to fill out externship paperwork for your Cohort; Culinary or Baking (starting paperwork). Once you send us this paperwork you will be registered for your externship. Please be aware of the registration deadlines. If you send us your paperwork after the deadline you will not be registered until the following term.



You are expected to communicate with your Chef Instructor during your externship.  The first communication will be in the form of the Confirmation Notice.  A phone call or email will be required halfway through the externship. An exit phone call or visit will also be required in your last week of your externship.  This is necessary to receive full credit.

Finishing Paperwork - PLEASE NOTE - The recipe costing is no longer required:

Once you have worked (396 hours) you need to fill out the finishing externship paperwork for your Cohort; Culinary or Baking (Ending Paperwork). Please make sure you fill out the Graduation Application and turn it in with your externship packet. You must also complete the graduation survey, and load exit interview. You cannot graduate without completing these steps.

Send all paperwork to:

Shawn Warren
1988 Newmark
Coos Bay, Oregon 97420
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  Phone: 541.888.7309 Fax: 541.888.7474

Externship Forms for Download:

Externship Information:

Culinary Externship: (Starting Paperwork)  

Culinary Externship: (Ending Paperwork)

Graduation Survey

Loan Exit Interview

Baking & Pastry Externship: (Starting Paperwork)

Baking & Pastry Externship: (Ending Paperwork)  

Graduation Survey

OCCI End of Program Survey

Loan Exit Interview